Open the Door to a New Era of Table Tennis

Anyone who inhabits "postage stamp" size apartments can appreciate the value of space-saving innovations. And unless you are among the lucky few who boast voluminous digs, accommodating a ping pong table into your living quarters is probably more of a joke than a realistic venture.

Until now.

Game onGame on

Enter the ping pong door. Designed by Tobias Franzel, this door functions like a normal one would, but also sports a flip-down inner panel upon which you and your closest pals can battle for the title of table tennis champion. Just attach the net, break out your paddles, and let the games begin!

Like any standard ping pong table, this one is bright green and has a vertical stripe running its length, while the other side is painted white. It's quite possible this could pose a minor clash with your decor, but hopefully it can be incorporated by introducing a bold palette into your color scheme. A small price to pay for endless hours of home entertainment, don't you think?

And if the games get too intense, you can always just shut the door on your competition!

Look for it on sale next year.


Sarah O
Innovative Interiors

Nov 2, 2007
by Casual Adventurer (not verified)

Dual purpose

You could have different games on either side of the door, so depending which way it was opened you'd get a different option..... air hockey anyone?

Nov 2, 2007
by Anonymous (not verified)

Doorway tennis

Looks like fun!