Open iPhone or MP3 Player Earphone Jack? Plugy Plugs It!

I bet you never thought about accessorizing your iPhone's, smartphone's or music player's earphone jack but guess what: you can and you should! Luckily, Tokyo's Strapya World has got exactly what's needed to make your fave device a little more nice: the Plugy!

Available in Android, Apple Stem, Bolt, Key, Mushroom, Winding Spring, Water Faucet styles and many, many more, Plugy's are designed to fit pretty much any mobile electronic device that has an earphone jack... which is pretty much ALL of them.

The business end of a Plugy outwardly resembles a standard earphone jack so once inserted, it securely snaps into position. From top end to jack end, each Plugy is made from tough ABS plastic. While outwardly decorative, Plugy's do serve a practical purpose: they keep dust, dirt and debris from getting into your pricey device's earphone jack. The consequences of that happening are... well, let's just not go there, OK?

UPDATE: The Plugy is now available on Amazon. You can see a big selection of different Plugy Earphone Jack Accessories here


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