Open-Toed Boots: Chic Or Crazy For Fall?

Over the past few seasons, there have been some interesting shoe trends to hit the runways and the stores. First it was sandals that masquerade themselves as boots, and now for winter, because we didn't get enough of the open-toed shoes during the summer months, there are boots pretending to be sandals.

This unique footwear design comes Maison Martin Margiela. The dichotomy taking place in this fashion design speaks for itself. This shoe looks like it's designed for winter wear with the fur-lined inside and the heavy material; but it's also got an open-toe for those that don't want to keep their footsies too heavily confined. It's hard to say what season they're suitable for, but women suffer for fashion anyway; so if you like this style, forget the weather and wear them with confidence! 

Via: TrendHunter

Nov 12, 2010
by Anonymous

Open toed boots

So Not stylish.
Why would anyone wear these?