Opera and Beer Cans Make “Green” Gown









This year, in celebration of St. Patrick’s day, I wish to introduce the talented and hardworking artists, Nikos Floros. Nikos Flores took more than 5 years to create the beautiful works of art in the pictures above and below out of recycled beer cans. The most amazing thing about it is that he made them by hand.

Late last year for an art exhibition in Athens, New York-based Greek artist, Nikos Floros, put on display opera gowns and shoes he created out of thousands beer cans and sodas he purchased or consumed. He had 14 costumes, clothes and shoes on display. Each costume took about a year to complete.

Nikos Floros was inspired to create these aluminum gowns by the world of opera and the famous Opera singer Maria Callas and as part of a fund raiser for a new Opera building and the Maria Callas Lyric Art Academy in Athens.

To create these works of art he cut aluminum cans into strips and then weaved them together by hand. Talk about tedious work. To see more of his work watch the video at http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=cfb_1192170753

Via Spluch