Opera Creates New iPad Browser Called Coast

Opera CoastOpera Coast

Most iPad users are using Safari to browse the web simply because that's the browser which comes by default. If you want to use anything else, you need to download them. In fact, for many years Apple did not even allow other web browsers to appear on the App Store. Still to this day, the company applies a lot of restrictions to what an iPhone or iPad browser can do. It's the main reason why Firefox is still not available on iOS. Because any web browser would have to rely on the rendering libraries that power Safari, and Firefox uses Gecko to render its web pages, the open source group wasn't willing to create an iPad app.

But Google has brought Chrome to the iPad a while back, and now Opera, the fourth place in the browser war, has just introduced Coast, a brand new iPad browser. Opera calls it the best tablet browser, and the browser that should have come with your device. The company cites three reasons why you would want to use it as opposed to the default option. First, it has a brand new, revolutionary interface. It doesn't simply use desktop icons and menus that are resized for mobile, Opera created a new interface based around squares and large buttons. Then it says that Coast is also great looking and intuitive to use. Finally, there are many under the hood improvements as well.

Innovation happens very fast in the mobile space, and certainly that's where a lot of inventors head to when they want to create something new. It's too early to say whether Coast will succeed in attracting some users. Chrome certainly did, even on iOS, because it integrates so nicely with Chrome on other platforms. Coast, being a new browser, doesn't have that feature to help bootstrap it. Opera may have a tough time ahead to bring users to its new browser.

Sep 10, 2013
by Anonymous

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Sep 13, 2013
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Hmm. A browser that is more

Hmm. A browser that is more like an App, interesting. I'm not using browsers that much but I'll definitely try this.