Opinel Le Petit Chef Allows Kids To Prep Food Safely

There's no doubt about it; kids love to help out in the kitchen. It’s great to let them mix and stir, but inevitably they want to graduate to more advanced jobs like cutting and peeling. While the thought of training them early so they can take over meal duties when they get a bit older is appealing, putting sharp tools into little hands is rather terrifying.



On this note, Opinel has come up with a set of kitchen tools designed specifically to protect tiny fingers. The Le Petit Chef lineup includes finger guards in a range of kid pleasing colors, a peeler and a knife. Not only are these tools efficient, but they’re also designed to keep kids safe and teach them proper kitchen tool handling.



The knife and peeler both have built in rings to keep fingers away from the blades and train kids the right finger placement when holding these tools. The knife has a rounded end too, for added safety. The finger guard trains kids to hold food safely while cutting.



The Le Petit Chef pieces are constructed from high quality Opinel standard materials like stainless steel and beech wood. The items are sold separately and as a set. To see what others think of Le Petit Chef tools or to pick up a set, click here.  



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