Oppo Dog Muzzles: The Business That's Gone To The Ducks

Some business find their niche in a world of innovative products, other businesses find their niche making light of what would otherwise be serious business. Whether you like the direction that this unique business has gone is up to you, but they sure have managed to attract attention.

 Duck MuzzleDuck Muzzle

Oppo Dog Muzzle quack makes muzzling your prone-to-bite dog entertaining. For you - the jury is still out on how dogs feel about wearing these unique inventions. Like traditional dog muzzles, the ones made by this innovative pet business offer them in a wide variety of sizes and colors. They are made from a combination of silicone and cotton, so that doesn't necessarily mean they are water-resistant like the quacking friends they resemble, despite the beak.

 This dog muzzle company promises to deliver the same safety as any other muzzle on the market. But, they ensure that they are far more fashionable, giving dog mommies and daddies everywhere entertainment value. But does putting a duck beak on a dog that is potentially dangerous really make it seem like a less severe consequence? Or is this business hoping to start a new trend, after all, the duck face is dominating Instagram accounts across the world with people.


What do you think? Is this a business that should sink or swim?

 Via: TrendHunter