The Orah 4i Sets Out To Make 4k VR Streaming Affordable

Livestreaming 360 degree video has never been an easy process, but one company is looking to change that. What typically would call for expensive rigs or pieced together systems requiring 6+ GoPros, way too many wires, and high processing power, can now be accomplished with one camera system and one wire, thanks to the Orah 4i.

Four f2.0 fisheye lensesFour f2.0 fisheye lenses

The Orah 4i, from VideoStitch, enters a market that is still trying to figure itself out. VR has been lingering around for years now, but recently exploded thanks to releases such as the Oculus Rift and Vive.  With the growth of VR, livestreaming options have been lackluster at best, requiring pieced together units or high price points. The Orah 4i is a single unit, four f2.0 fisheye lense system that is unobtrusive (great for 360 video) due to the fact most of the processing components are housed in a "stitching box," connected by ethernet cable. The processing components include an Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU, and a 120GB SSD. For sound, the Orah uses four ambisonic microphones for recording audio.

The price point for the Orah 4i is right under $1,800 through April, and will slowly rise until shipments start in August, ending with a retail price of $3,600. While this is no "small" fee, when you begin comparing it to competitor rigs, which cost tens of thousands of dollars, the price begins to seem a lot more agreeable. Combine that with the fact that footage from the Orah is as good, if not better, than anything currently on the market, and you begin to see why individuals and smaller production companies are excited for the Orah.