Orange Sky Laundry: Non Profit Mobile Laundry For The Homeless

It's the season of giving - or at least it should be. So rather than focusing strictly on for-profit businesses, it's a great time to look at some of the charitable ones out there that are focusing on making a difference year-round. One of the cooler non-profit organizations we've come across lately focuses on offering clean clothing to those who need it.

Having clean clothes is one of those things that gets taken for granted by those enough lucky enough to have access to facilities with running water, and perhaps even washing machines and dryers. The feeling of climbing into a warm bed with sheets fresh out of the dryer is a luxury, and it's one that many of us should be thankful for each and everyday.

An innovative not-for-profit business is making it possible for the homeless in Australia to get their personal items laundered. Orange Sky Laundry travels with a converted van that has two washer/dryer pairs. They invite the homeless people in the area to have all of their clothing and linens washed. These items are loaded into laundry bags, and are inserted into larger washers that can accommodate the laundry of multiple individuals at once. 

Orange Sky Laundry is relatively new since it only began operating this past summer, and while they are still testing the program to determine how to be efficient and make the biggest impact, they already have some ideas they're intending to implement. As their machines wash the belongings of up to 10 homeless people per hour, meals will be prepared and served by culinary professionals that they partner with.

In time, the business hopes to expand and have a fleet of larger trucks containing 6 washer/dryer pairs each. They will be staffed exclusively by volunteers who are equally devoted to giving the homeless access to improved standards of personal hygiene. In addition to improving morale, having clean clothing can make it easier for the homeless to integrate themselves into society (improving job prospects) and reach their goals. 

This isn't the first time that we've seen a mobile laundry service for charity. Mo-bile Suds is a business that has specialized in natural disaster relief.