Orange Juice Motion Lamp: Retro Groovy

What can Orange Juice Motion Lamps offer to the modern world?

If the old lava lamps of the 1960s weren’t tacky enough, not to worry! There’s still hope for the present and the future with the hottest (almost) thing in tacky, the Orange Juice Motion lamp . These lamps are very versatile because now you can be tacky with milk and ketchup as well, not only revising but actually transporting the true definition of the word to a new limit.
Retro Orange Juice lampRetro Orange Juice lamp

What are some specific features about the Orange Juice Motion Lamp?

Each Orange Juice Motion Lamp is 16 inches tall and guaranteed to stimulate your wavering spirit as well as your declining taste in lamps. The Orange Juice Motion Lamp can be yours for a mere $27.48 in your choice of ketchup, milk or orange juice. Why not complete your shopping list and buy all three versions of motion lamps?

Who created the Orange Juice Motion Lamps?

The Spilsbury Company , a division of Infinity Resources, (not to be confused with those good folks who make flour) has been in operation since 1995. Their focus is on original puzzles, creative games and unusual toys for the child at heart that plays within us all. The Orange Motion Lamp is but one of their clever, creative products that transport us to another time and place, whether we want to go there or not.

Is this retro Orange Juice Motion Lamp for you?

I don’t know, man. Is it? (Buy here )
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Jul 17, 2008
by Toby
Toby's picture

How cute!

I love these!

Jul 17, 2008
by M Dee Dubroff
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retro lamps

Hi Toby,

they are cute and they take me back!!!

Thanks for your comment.



Yours in Words,

M Dee Dubroff