Orbeez Color Changing Lamp Lets Kids Glow And Grow

From the makers of Orbeez, creators of the grow-able, eco-friendly pellet system comes the color-changing Orbeez Mood Light.

We've written about Orbeez before, and with good reason; they're an interesting and environmental product that can be a great deal of fun when used properly. Orbeez are super-absorbent polymers - when they arrive they are tiny beads and when placed in water will grow to over 100 times their original volume. Orbeez are available in a variety of colors and can be dried out and re-hydrated multiple times. Eventually, the product will be begin to mold as it is organic in nature, but will last several weeks with proper storage.


Now, the Orbeez line has grown to include a color-changing mood light that can be filled with Orbeez of any color to give it the look kids want with the safety of Orbeez. Resembling in many ways the lava lamps of the 1970s, the Orbeez Mood Light uses only 3 color-changing LEDs to produce light and is not subject to problems such as excessive heat or fire. Using the 1500 multi-colored Orbeez included or ones that are grown on their own, children can create designs for their lamp that change as quickly as they do.

The Orbeez Mood Light requires 3 AAA batteries that are not included and sells for just under 20 dollars. While issues such as the LED lights failing can occur, the company has a reputation for being quick to respond and fair with replacements.

For a sweet mood lamp that not only gives off a soothing glow but is about as safe as they come, the Orbeez mood light is an excellent and creative choice. Buy it at: Amazon 

Source: Orbeez

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