Orbitwheels: New Concept For Wheeled Sports

Inventist OrbitwheelInventist Orbitwheel

What do you get when you cross a skateboard with an inline skate? You get something like what you see in the picture--the Orbitwheel--only the Orbitwheel allows the rider more freedom than either a skateboard or inline skates. The concept is a simple--two feet, two wheels.

Basically the Orbitwheel is one big wheel that rotates sideways around your foot, which is on a small, skateboard-like platform. You propel yourself with a wave-like motion of the feet. You don't have to push off the ground, as with a skateboard, and you aren't strapped in, as with skates. Check out the video below to see the Orbitwheel in action.

The large radii of the wheels on the Orbitwheel allow you to ride on a variety of surfaces. If you're headed for the lawn, just keep on trucking. The wheels are also small enough to fit in a backpack, so you can bring them to the boardwalk for some beach side riding, or the kids can ride them to school and throw them in their lockers for convenient storage. 


This is a great product for the kid-at-heart or just for the kids. You can check out the Inventist website for more information on the Orbitwheel. Or if you know you would enjoy the Orbitwheel, you can order a pair on Amazon for what you would pay for a decent pair of inline skates. So try something new or get the kids a wheeled toy they will really enjoy. 

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