OrbSys Recycling Shower: Instantly Cleans And Recycles Your Shower Water

A Swedish company has unveiled a new kind of shower that is making a real splash and may change the way you shower.

The OrbSys Recycling Shower, developed by Orbital Systems, now offers homeowners and condo dwellers, and even hotels, with a greener solution when it comes to water use and smart energy conservation.

The system, which is easy to install, saves nearly 90% of the water and 80% of the actual energy consumed by the standard-day shower.

OrbSys Recycling ShowerOrbSys Recycling Shower

The savings are derived through its unique and sophisticated circulating closed-loop system that is all controlled through a touch screen connected to the shower wall.

So, all you need to do is start the shower, hop in and get clean, and rather than the water going into the drainage system it instead runs through the Orbsys filtration system, which now has a global patent.

The filtration systems gets rid of all contaminants – 99.9% that is – and produces better quality water – in fact better than the water that enters the home through the water supply.

The good news is that this new cutting-edge invention will save you almost $1400.00 (USD) in water and energy costs on a yearly basis.

While protecting and preserving the environment is a hot topic these days, it’s no surprise then that the OrbSys Recycling Shower is getting so much attention among homeowners and the media. They are now selling scores of these units around the globe and even esteemed media outlets like CNN News have featured it as a leading invention in 2014.

The inventor and founder of the company Mehrdad Mahdjoubi says that he “developed this system based on the values of the future consumer.”

He says, “They’ll eventually be looking at how smart or how efficient a product is while also not having to sacrifice the comforts that people are used to.”

NASA has its eyes on this invention as it could help aid astronauts in future space expeditions.  

“In an extreme environment such as a space mission to Mars, design concepts are brought forward to use all of the possible resources to make it there and back. I don't see any reason why we can't be as efficient on Earth as we can be in space,” says Mahdjoubi.

The next goal is to have this technology used in drinking fountains and taps.