Oreck Vacuum Zaps Germs with UV Rays

Vacuuming the home is definitely a mundane chore, but one necessary to live in a clean environment. Do we really get all the germs when doing this though? Oreck doesn't think so, introducing this week the world's first upright vacuum which uses ultraviolet light to kill all that nasty stuff on your floor. 

The Oreck Halo makes use of what the company says is "proprietary UV-C technology" to get at germs, bacteria, etc. This technology, similar to that used to sterilize operating rooms, consists of a special UV-C bulb placed in a "patented" light chamber with a durable quartz glass exterior."

Oreck claims that independent tests have shown this light kills more than 99 percent of many common germs it comes in contact with. The technology behind it was invented by water-treatment plant worker Ken Garcia, who didn't want to have to rip out his carpet in order to protect his kids from germs. He adapted the same UV-C technology used to treat drinking water, and Oreck later bought the technology before making its own tweaks to it.

Oreck plans to charge around $400 for this germ killing wonder. You could, of course, also just run your own special UV rays over your floor, but I imagine this vacuum is probably a safer and more sane way to sterilize your home. Available at Amazon.

Nino Marchetti
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