Organic Lingerie: Unwanted Christmas Trees Find New Life In Lingerie

Christmas is over (for those that celebrate), and life is returning to normal for most people around the world. Unfortunately, a not so environmentally-friendly trend has emerged, as it does every year, and that is the appearance of Christmas trees sitting at the curb awaiting disposal. However, one business has a unique solution.

 We've seen businesses try and deal with Christmas trees and their fundamentally environmentally harmful nature before. But, this French business takes a different approach that we haven't seen before. You would never think to associate Christmas trees and lingerie (mistletoe is the more common "romantic" link to the season after all), but that's exactly what Organic Lingerie by Do You Green wants us to do.

They produce lingerie and pajamas for both men and women out of Pine Viscose, which is an organic thread containing both the bark and needles of pine trees. Naturally, any dyes used on the silky garments are non-toxic and "green" as well.

Presumably, these garments wouldn't be suitable for those with pine tree allergies, but everyone else should appreciate the sexy designs and the smooth feel of the fabric on their skin. All while knowing that they've done a little extra for Christmas, and for this world that we live in.

I know, in these temperatures, stripping down may be low on your priority list, but this company makes robes too.

Via: Bustle