OrganicKidz Baby Grows Up Bottle Kit Will Take Your Child From Infancy To Kindergarten And Beyond

OrganicKidz was started by a mom motivated by the fear of harmful chemicals in baby bottles and with a passion to provide a safer alternative to the plastic and glass bottles filling retailers’ shelves. Jane and her company organicKidz created the first stainless steel baby bottle. Not only is it toxin free and unbreakable, but it was designed to transition from your baby’s first bottle to a sippy cup and then water bottle. Each of organicKidz products and accessories can be purchased separately, but their Baby Grows Up Bottle Set contains everything you need to get your child from infancy to kindergarten and beyond.

Baby bottles are a vital part of raising kids, but they can be a total drag. The extra thought put into keeping my kids’ milk or formula the right temperature when we were out of the house and the time spent washing bottles and bottle parts each night were two very good reasons why I was glad when all of my kids moved onto sippy cups and cold milk. But then what was I supposed to do with a box of baby bottles? We donated some and recycled some but it felt like a waste.

The Baby Grows Up Bottle Set solves some of these problems. Warning: You’ll still have to wash your own bottles. OrganicKidz offers two styles of bottles in their Baby Grows Up kit: the wide mouth and the narrow neck. Both bottles hold 9oz of fluid, come with three different flow bottle nipples for three stages of your child’s development, a silicone sippy cup spout, a removable handle, a sealing cap, and a stainless steel lid. The lid is also a 2oz cup, perfect for measuring formula and holding snacks when your child is old enough to eat solids.

The narrow neck bottle set is one of organicKidz’ exclusive thermal bottles. Thermal bottles keep liquids cold or hot for six hours, perfect for on-the-go parents. Fill the bottle with breast milk, formula or milk at the temperature you want and head out of the door. No need to pack a cooler or worry about how you will warm your baby’s bottle while you are running errands or enjoying a day at the park.

All of organicKidz products are BPA, PVC, phthalate, and lead free. The stainless steel bottles are naturally bacteria resistant and dishwasher safe. The Baby Grows Up Bottle Set comes in limited colors and designs, but they are still really cute. If you want to purchase a sustainable product but are looking for more options, bottles available for individual purchase come in funky designs and a variety of colors and sizes. The wide mouth and narrow neck bottles come in 4oz or 7oz sizes as well. OrganicKidz also offers stainless steel food storage containers and nursing cover ups.

The Baby Grows Up Bottle Set is a perfect baby shower gift for new parents or parents about to become new again with another child. It’s a greener option than the traditional baby bottle and it’s a more sustainable gift than bottles that can only be used during one short period of your child’s life. OrganicKidz wants to be sure you get the most out of their products, including a bottle that will get your child through those long days of infancy to those how-did-it-go-so-fast first days of kindergarten.

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