Organize Your Water And Sports Bottles With ZERO G Bottle Belt

ZERO G Bottle BeltZERO G Bottle Belt

Open your Tupperware drawer. Odds are, it's a cluttered mess like the rest of the world's Tupperware drawers. If you're a gym goer, a cyclist, Crossfitter, athlete or just someone who likes to take a cup of coffee to work, some of that mess probably consists of bottles. That's where the ZERO G Bottle Belt comes in. It was designed to organize your water and sports bottles as well as your travel mugs and anything else that will fit.

The ZERO G Bottle Belt is simple design. It is basically two mounts with a big rubber band running from one mount to the other. All you do to store your bottles is mount the two mounts on the inside of your cabinet door, or under your cabinets or where ever you have space, run the band between the two mounts and place your bottles inside the big band, or "belt."

Store Bottles With ZERO GStore Bottles With ZERO G

The creator of the ZERO G Bottle Belt, Paul Peterson, says the idea just came to him in a meeting. That evening he stopped by a hardware store on his way home and the first prototype of the ZERO G Bottle Belt was born. Now Peterson is running a Kickstarter campaign to try and get his product on the market, and it looks like that could happen very soon. 

With the ZERO G, your bottles and mugs will no longer be in your way, and you can access the other plastic ware or cups in your messy cabinets. Now, ZERO G won't clean your cabinets for you, but it will certainly get you started by giving you an easy-to-access storage spot for your bottles. ZERO G could make your life just a little easier and a little less cluttered.

Source: ZERO G Kickstarter Page