Organize All Of Those Charger Cords With The Hub Table

Electronics are great, but with everything needing to be charged all the time you can find yourself wallowing in cords. Now you can get a Hub Table to organize all of these cords and keep all your charging in one place. Not only does this handy table gather your cords together but there is room inside to store extra cords and excess cord length.

 The HubThe Hub

Between phones, laptops, tablets, and iPods and MP3s for you and your significant other home can start looking like a nest of octopi. Keep everything all together in one place. Put it a corner of the living room or right next to the bed. The top can be removed so that you can store chargers, extra cords, extension cords, thumb drives, and whatever else you may use with your electronics.

The HubThe Hub

Cut out panels on the top and side allow you to guide the cords to your devices in a neat and orderly manner. When not in use they tuck away inside. Pop a Power USB Outlet or power strip in there and you will only need one cord going to the wall and everything else plugs in just under the table top.

The Hub is constructed of oak and high-density fiber wood with a sturdy lacquer finish. For more information or to order, click here.

Source: CoolThings