Create Your Own Stylish Storage Spaces With OrgaTrend

Space with style. That is the somewhat intriguing slogan being shouted from online rooftops with unrivaled enthusiasm by the creators of OrgaTrend - a stylish and smart way in which to make the most of the space in your drawers whilst also guaranteeing exclamations of 'oh how clever' from any dinner guests who may pop round. Like I said, intriguing.

The OrgaTrend product consists of a number of blocks which sit on top of an iron bottom. With the help of magnetic forces, the blocks can be securely fixed once they have been maneuvered into the desired position. Whilst there are similar products already on the market, it is OrgaTrend's flexibility and dynamic quality which make it stand out from the crowd, and with many different sized components on offer, boring old drawer space seems like a thing of the past.

Minipulate your drawer space in styleMinipulate your drawer space in style

The aim of OrgaTrend is simple - to give kitchen dwellers a tool which allows them to create spaces within their drawers, whether it be for egg cups, plates, or pans. The OrgaTrend blocks can be moved around and minipulated so that the space fits perfectly around whatever is being stored.There are no limitations when it comes to the ways in which the OrgaTrend bricks can be moved, and this is a product which has the potential to remove storage worries from the mind forever.


Spaces which change for youSpaces which change for you

Whilst the purpose of OrgaTrend is clear, and seemingly very effective, there is also an aesthetically pleasing quality to the product, with a variety of different colors available and the bricks finished with what the designer himself calls 'powder used in architecture'. But, whilst the aesthetic coating may seem like just that, the special powder applied to the outside of the bricks is actually extremely heat and moisture resistant, offering reassurance to those concerned about durability.  

One of OrgaTrend's many versionsOne of OrgaTrend's many versions

There do not seem to be many downsides to this product. Its versatility and portability mean that, whether you want a normal drawer or customized storage spaces, OrgaTrend, in all its convenient glory, can oblige. So what about storing the OrgaTrend product? Well, due to the fact that the blocks are not attached to OrgaTrend's iron bottom, everything can be removed and stored away without much bother. After all, how stressful can it be to store bricks? Maybe they could even be used as building blocks for the kiddies (please note that impromptu play dates using OrgaTrend bricks is not something which the company promotes...yet).

OrgaTrend is set for a December 2013 launch date, and will no doubt be picked up by a variety of distributors, so get thinking about your storage space needs!

Source: Orga

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