Origami Is The World’s First Power Folding Stroller. Fold Like A Mother

The Origami Stroller by 4moms is the envy of all moms fighting a stroller. No more sweating while you tug and pull on straps or levers. No more pinching your fingers. No more folding your stroller to only have it unfold as you lift it up to put it into your car. Origami is the world’s first power folding stroller. And if that isn’t enough it self-charges, charges your cell phone, and tells you the air temperature. I wonder if this stroller can babysit my kids too while I see a movie.

When I hear the word origami, I imagine towels, napkins, and paper folded into beautiful shapes and animals. I imagine hard, detailed work. The Origami Stroller couldn’t be easier to work, but the details of this work of art are impressive.

Before I continue, I want to be clear that the Origami Stroller is meant for childen six months and older. Some users have mentioned that the stroller did not recognize lightweight babies, meaning the auto lock feature would not kick in to prevent you from folding the stroller with your baby in it. Crazy things happen when parents are sleep deprived. I have never folded up any of my kids in their stroller, but I have fallen asleep while changing their diapers. Stick to 4moms age and weight limits for this stroller. Bassinet and car seat adapters can be purchased separately for infant use.

Let’s get down to it. With the turn of a knob and push of a button this stroller will fold and unfold by itself. It looks like a Transformer or dancer locking and popping its way up and down. And that’s just the beginning. Once you are ready to roll, the LCD screen on the handle bar will keep you informed of its battery life, the air temperature, and how fast you are moving. It also tracks daily and lifetime mileage. And if your child is heavy enough, the LCD screen indicates that he or she is sitting in the stroller. If that indication is present, the stroller locks and will not fold if the button is pushed while your baby is in it.

Using the stroller is what charges it. With generators in the back wheels, you will not only always have battery life, but you will be able to charge your cell phone while on the go. The Origami Stroller comes with a plug-in option and the manufacturer recommends you plug the stroller into a wall outlet once every two weeks for maximum battery performance.

Origami also comes with daytime running lights and light sensors on the bottom of the stroller; these bottom lights turn on automatically in settings with low light. There is plenty of storage space, four cup holders, and four-wheel suspension. The seat reclines and has a sunroof with a movable shade to see your child from the top.

But perhaps the devil really is in the details. This stroller has awesome features and accessories, but you’ll pay for them. Origami may be easy, but it is not cheap. It’s also heavier than most strollers, so lifting it in and out of the car can be tough. But if you can afford the weight of both, most moms would agree that the Origami Stroller is worth it. Forget the cranes, fold like a mother with the world’s first power folding stroller.