Origami Post-it® Notes Fold Under Pressure

Post-it® notes from 3M™ or Sticky Notes as the generic versions are often called, have become essential tools of communication both at home and at the office. I thought that's all they were good for until fellow InventorSpot writer Myra Per-Lee brought these neat-o origami stickies to my attention. Yes, British bizarre design company SUCK UK has found a way to make use of used personalized notes that would otherwise simply be trashed - turn them into people-pleasing origami creations!

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding and most people have seen a graceful origami crane at one time or another. You might think creating one yourself requires a deft touch and a lot of practice - well think again!

SUCK UK's Origami Sticky Note Pads are pre-printed with step by step folding instructions that let anyone - all thumbs or not - turn that annoying reminder note from your pesky supervisor into 10 different three dimensional shapes including a pig, a penguin, a boat, a crane, a butterfly, a squirrel, a lily and even a water bomb - the latter for especially irritating bosses and/or co-workers.

Even without the origami feature, the concept of customized sticky notes also shows promise for promotional post it notes, imprinted post it notes, logo post it notes and so much more!

Here's a video that shows just how easy it is to turn waste into wonder:

SUCK UK's innovative origami post it note pads are available in just one color, classic pale yellow, and can be purchased online direct from SUCK UK for £2.00 (about $4.00) per pad. Not a lot to pay for yet one more way to reduce your working productivity.