The Original PotMaker: Roll Your Own

With spring comes time to plant. For plants that love the hot weather best their seeds may need to be planted indoors. To keep your garden extra "green" this year (and for years to come) you can recycle your The Original PotMakerThe Original PotMaker newspapers into seedling pots with PotMaker®. Once the plants are large enough and the weather warm enough you don't have to disturb the tender new roots. Just plant the pot in the ground and it will degrade naturally into the soil.

The PotMaker itself is crafted in North America of natural maple and designed to serve you and your garden for many years. The gadget will save you money far into the future as you don't need to keep buying seedling pots of plastic or peat year after year. This will also save you money in being able to grow indoors from seeds rather than buying bedding plants and seedlings.

The Original PotMakerThe Original PotMakerThe pots themselves can be made quickly and easily. Even the kids can help with rolling the newspaper around the PotMaker and placing it in the base. Each pot is 2¼" X 2¼". Once the pots are made, just fill with potting soil and plant the seeds. These little paper pots are great for use with any kind of seeds -- flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

At the end of the season if there are any remaining bits of newspaper that have not completely broken down they can be tossed into the compost heap along with the remains of the plants.

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