The Original Ring Thing: Ideal Stocking Stuffer For Any Beer And Geeky Fashion Lover!

Leave it to ThinkGeek to come up with something so simple, so ingenious and so geeky that everyone just has to get their hands on one of their own. Of course, it's something that you can wear, because it wouldn't be much good otherwise!

ThinkGeek's Original Ring ThingThinkGeek's Original Ring Thing

The Original Ring Thing is a classy accessory, because every guy or gal wants to show their love of beer with a bottle cap ring. It's pretty tricky though, because in addition to looking geek-chic and kegger ready, the Original Ring Thing has a very important purpose that offers more that the completion of the perfect barmaid outfit; it also doubles as a bottle opening. Yup, you won't actually need it when going to a kegger with no bottles to upon, but consider it double duty in your life since the Original Ring Thing offers fashion and function.

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