Osorb: Innovative Glass Cleans Polluted Water

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2010 brings a brighter and cleaner future with a water cleaning glass product called Osorb developed by Dr. Paul Edmiston of the College of Wooster.

Osorb is a reactive glass that bonds with pollutants it encounters in the water. However; it cannot bond with the water itself. As it bonds and absorbs the pollutants in the water it expands like a sponge up to 8 times its weight. Once the sponge is full of pollutants it floats to the water's surface were it is collected. The pollutants are then removed from the sponge and the sponge is reused again and again to clean the water.

Group JumpStart Inc. believes in this idea so much it has invested $250,000 in Absorbent Materials, the company formed by Dr. Edmiston to market Osorb, to continue to develop the idea. So far Absorbent Materials has five varieties of Osorb. Two of these types of Osorb help clean water. One helps clean soil. Another Osorb type helps clean sand and the last one helps cleans air.

So, what does this mean for the future? It could mean a low cost means of cleaning polluted water in developing countries and around the world. It could also mean the reuse of some these chemicals retrieved by the sponge. It's an amazing concept, one that could possible do a lot of good for the world if successful.

For more information about Osorb or Dr. Paul Edmiston visit the far Absorbent Materials company website here. 

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Jun 18, 2010
by Anonymous

Gulf oil spill

Can't this clean the gulf oil spill?