Otarian Carbon Footprints Every Item On The Menu

via Otarian: Portobello Mushroomvia Otarian: Portobello Mushroom

Would you be more likely to visit a restaurant if the menu offered the carbon footprint information of each meal? Would the meal you order depend on its sustainability? Not sure. If you happen to have the opportunity to dine at restaurant called Otarian you can find out.

Otarian carbon footprints every item on the menu and calls its innovative system Eco2tarian Labeling. Eco2tarian Labeling "shows the difference in greenhouse gas emissions between our veggie meals and similar meat, fish or egg containing dishes" (Otarian). Otarian uses international standards like BSI PAS2050 to carbon footprint their entire menu and keep track of exactly what CO2s their meals create.

Otarian also offers a Carbon Karma card to its customers. The carbon Karma card allows its customers to earn credits for every eco-meal they eat. "Every purchase, earns you Carbon Karma credits. Because we want to reward people for saving carbon with us you only need 100 Carbon Karma Credits to get your first menu item free and it's the delicious Choco Treat. All points to menu items are listed when you click through" (Otarian).

In addition to the sustainable meals Otarian serves in its restaurants the restaurant buildings also have a sustainable design. Much of the restaurant design consists of recycled material and is run with sustainability in mind. The floors, tables, chairs, ceiling décor and even the fabric on the seats are all made with recycled material. 98% of the restaurant's waste is composted, reused or recycled. The building itself is located near public transportation. This is good for the customers as well as the restaurant staff since they can bike, walk or use public transport to get to work.

Otarian is an Australian based restaurant with a restaurant in New York and another in London. Otarian claims to be "the first ever low-carbon restaurant chain, using a cradle-to-grave analysis in the carbon footprinting of every menu item" (Otarian). For more information on this innovative eco-friendly restaurant visit the Otarian website here.

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