10 Outdoorsy Gifts for Hikers, Campers and Other Outdoor Adventurers

For the adventurous folks that eat, sleep and live in the outdoors, there's no better gift than a new gadget or gizmo designed to make life outside a little more fun and functional. But what to buy? Here's a number of fun products that will appeal to a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. Make their 2014 more exhilerating than ever.


Camelbak ShredBak/RaceBak/VeloBak


Just as the hydration pack made drinking water more convenient than ever before, Camelbak's line of hydration clothing takes convenience to the next level. Designed as sport-specific, functional clothing for snow sports and biking, these tops integrate 72 ounces of hydration inside, so there's no need for an extra water bottle or pack. The ShredBak is a vest designed for use in skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports, and the RaceBak and VeloBak are designed for cycling/biking. Hydration is universal, though, and there's no reason that these wouldn't work for other sports like hiking. Get more information at Camelbak's Wearable Hydration page or check them out at Amazon.


Bushnell Backtrack


This simple, inexpensive GPS is designed for one purpose: to get you back to where you started. The perfect gift for the hapless hiker that has a tendency to get all turned around once the pavement gives way to the trees, the Backtrack will get him back to the car without any overly technical operation. Best of all, you can find it for less than 50 bucks at Amazon. The Backtrack's utility isn't limited to the outdoors, and it can help anyone who tends to get lost--in a large parking lot while Christmas shopping, for instance.  


Engel Fridge-Freezer Coolers


For extended camping trips, the traditional cooler can be a lot of trouble, what with ice melting all the time. Engle Fridge Coolers bag the ice in favor of 12 V power from your vehicle. Keep your meat fresh, your beers cold and your ice frozen with one of these handy portable refrigerators. This one makes the perfect gift for campers, boaters, hunters and fisherman. A less expensive version is also available from Wytner with many of the same features. 


Tubbs Flex Series Snowshoes


Tubbs latest release in the snowshoe market may prove to be one of its best ever. The Flex Series of Snowshoes, which come in three levels (Alp, NRG, Trek), are composite snowshoes that provide more natural performance in the snow. The flexible design allows the snowshoe to flex as you walk, making for a more natural heel to toe transfer. These snowshoes are an excellent gift for experienced snowshoers and hikers/backpackers who are looking for an excuse to get outside in the winter. Here's the Alp at Amazon for $220.


Spot Satellite Messenger


Even the prepared adventurer who recites the 10 essentials in his sleep may end up in a situation where self-rescue isn't an option. Unfortunately, cell phones don't usually get service in the wilderness. Satellites, however, have a much better shot. The SPOT beacon uses satellites to convey GPS location information in case of emergency. It can also be used to send trip updates and communicate with friends and family in non-emergency situations. You can find SPOT for around $100 at Amazon (subscription required for service). 


TrackPack Coolers


This innovative product is a backpack cooler. Unlike that cheap cooler bag that you got as a giveaway at your last work conference, the TrackPack features an internal storage system that keeps your cans organized. It stores 20 cans, and ice packs fit in between the stacks of cans to keep everything cold. The best feature is the secret slot on each side that allows you to access drinks without ever taking the backpack off. This one is great for campers, hikers, event goers and tailgaters. The Track Pack is available in a variety of colors for $40. 


Lippi Selk Bag 


Anyone who's ever spent the night in a sleeping bag knows it's a far cry from the comforts of a bed. One of the main issues beleaguering the sleeping bag is that it's difficult and uncomfortable to roll around in--and who spends the night in one position? The Selk Bag is like a sleeping bag body suit that moves with your body instead of against it. The bag provides a more comfortable night of sleep and can be worn around the campsite in the evening (or for that late-night nature call). The Selk Bag is available at Amazon starting at $99. 


Kahuna Creations Big Stick



For those who've never seen it in action, the sport of paddleboarding is a sort of cross between canoeing and surfing: participants stand on a big board and paddle across a body of water. Kahuna Creations Big Stick is designed to bring the relaxing sport onto dry land. When used in conjunction with a long board, the Big Stick allows users to "paddle' across the road or concrete. Buy a Big Stick for your favorite long boarder, or pair it with a board for the big kid on your list. 


Eton FR1000 Voicelink Radio



In the outdoors, it's all about getting as much function as you can while taking up as little room as possible. The Eton FR1000 delivers by packing a weather radio,  AM/FM radio, clock, flashlight, SOS alert, two-way GMRS radio and charger into one compact device. This one is a great safety device for anyone that strays well past the ranger's station. It operates via battery pack, AA batteries or crank power. You can find the FR1000 at Amazon starting at $70. (Update: The Eton NFR 1XB is a newer model with similar features and excellent reviews.)


Hennessy Hammock Tent

What's more comfortable than a hammock? A hammock that protects you from the elements. The Hennessey sets up between two trees with two web straps and gives users the comfort of a  weatherproof tent. Users can get up off the ground, away from the rocks, roots and slimy creatures of the night, and enjoy a comfortable night of sleep inside of a hammock. The one-person tent includes plenty of room for gear storage and mesh windows for warm, clear nights.


Updated and republished from original posted December 19, 2009.

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Dec 28, 2009
by Anonymous

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