I Beams Are Right At Home In Architect's Interior Design

You wouldn't think that I beams, common beams used in construction, would make comfortable pieces of furniture and, even less so, very attractive furniture. Not until you see Filippo Ghezzani's very livable and "workable" line of interior design...

At first, you get a very sleek modern overall impression of Ghezzani's designs. But there are distinct throwbacks to every design period from Art Deco to Populux to modern futurism. They are delightfully likable on sight; furniture that makes you smile, both stunning and fun.

I'll just share some of Ghezzani's designs from his Simple Collection - those inspired by the I beam. This furniture, as well as other Ghezzani designs, is produced by The Home Key in Livorno, Italy. The Simple Collection has designs for living, working, and sleeping areas of the home.


Simple Collection: The Cut Chair

How can a sliced up chair look so inviting? If you analyze the Cut Chair intellectually, you would reject the fact that any comfort would be gained by sitting on it. Yet the Cut Chair, claims its designer, doesn't give up one bit of comfort between those empty slices. Now, that's more like it! These can be made in any fabric or leather.



Cut Chair from aboveCut Chair from above


Cut ArmchairsCut Armchairs


Awesome and iconic!Awesome and iconic!



Simple Collection: The Cut Table

Not at all impractical, unless your tchotchkes are very small, these Cut Tables will be the talk of your living room. Colorful and practical... just think of all the magazine they can hold, the Cut Tables are available in lacquered wood or in wengè.




Simple Collection: The Sewn Chair

Isn't the Sewn Chair the visual opposite of the Cut Chair? The "slices" of the Sewn Chair, Ghezzani assures us, are linked by a thin wire to "further the unstable influence to the extent needed." ((Remember, designers just want to have fun.)





Simple Collection: The Cut Sofa

Are you relieved that the Cut Sofa has its cuts on the sofa frame, instead of the seating area? Well, it does give you a bit of relief from the chairs and tables...



Simple Collection: The Cut Sideboard

These simple sideboards are so elegant. See the I-beams doing their support thing?




Simple Collection: The Cut Bookcase

A light look for a lot of bookcase, the intermittent deglo white I beams break up this lively structure very nicely. The Cut Bookcase is available in any and all Home Key colors.



Simple Collection: The Big Bed

Still designing around the I beam, the Big Bed has no cuts, no "slices," and no bells and whistles. The Big Bed looks great for a Big Sleep!



Would you want a house full of Ghezzani's Simple Collection? I wouldn't mind at all!


The Home Key Thank you, Irene!