3 Questions To See If Outsourcing Is Right For Your Small Business?

Outsourcing is contracting out a process to a third party. In the world of business, this is a big deal. Not only can it save time, but it can also be cost efficient! If you are a small business owner, how do you know what and when to outsource? Here are a few rules of thumb when it comes to outsourcing.

  • How much time are you putting into a non-critical process? Let’s say you put three hours a week into doing payroll. Ask yourself why you specifically have to do it. Is it because no one else understands your system? Is it because you like to see who you are paying for peace of mind? Is it because no one else wants to do it? If it’s you being a control freak (which with a lot of business owners is not highly unlikely) then it might be time to look at some other options. Be honest with yourself and ask why you see the need to do it. It might be that you really are the best candidate for the job and nothing should change, but on the other hand, it might be that you can free up some time on your own calendar if you look at a different way of doing things.
  •  Do you have the budget to outsource? Not all small businesses have the finances to carry outsourcing, but that doesn’t mean it is totally out of the question. Let’s say you want to develop a website but can’t find the time to do it. Outsourcing may be the perfect solution. Sure some web developers come with high price tags, but not all! Be open to other options that are available. As a small business owner, never discount the candidate pool in colleges and high schools. Kids today are not like us 30-somethings. They grew up in front of computers and know how to use them and the tools that come along with them. No, you may not be able to afford $3500 a month to outsource online marketing, but you may be able to afford $75 a week to a college kid looking to make extra money.  
  • Is the process you’re considering outsourcing too difficult to handle in-house? Technology is moving quickly these days and a lot of workers are unable to keep up with the intensely complicated software, apps, computer systems and networking issues that arise.  Outsourcing may be the best option. Remember that here too, there is some wiggle room. You don’t necessarily need a high-priced 24/7 IT company to help you get your network set up. You may be able to hire a qualified individual on a per-needed basis.

Asking yourself these questions before you start outsourcing can help you to really find out the value, if any, it will bring you. You want to free up time, but without losing quality of work and efficient job completion. Remember that the options are endless out there and high-cost outsourcing is not the only option to finding great help to run your business.