Out There Food: Pizza That Is Really Green!

In an age where green usually means healthy, Scotto's Pizza in Matawan, NJ is serving an all green pizza for St. Patrick's Day. No it's not made with spinach or broccoli. The green comes from green food coloring, added to make green pizza crust as well as green cheese. (Blegh!)

The green pizza was inspired by the restaurant owner's granddaughter, who is half Italian, half Irish. Mike Scotto, owner and pizza creator at Scotto's Pizza, says he has to explain to his customers that the pizza is not moldy. Some, apparently, still don't want to eat it. Hmm.

My guess is that for this pizza to be considered healthy, you would order toppings like broccoli, green peppers, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms, and maybe some of the green Sicilian garlic knots that Scotto's offers. Then ask Mr. Scotto to hold the cheese and the crust.

Oh, I'm giving Scotto's a hard time.... Happy St. Patrick's Day to Scotto's Pizza!

via WBKO, Bowling Green (where else?), KY