Save Your Holiday Cookies With The Oven Mitt Apron


As much as we would like to think that the holidays are all about giving and caring and sharing, they are also big-time about food.  There is all the baking in the weeks leading up to the season and then, of course, the big meal or meals once the real celebration rolls around.  We spend so much time in the kitchen and then devour it all in a matter of hours or minutes.  It can be a hectic time and things can get lost in all the hustle and bustle.

One of the biggest kitchen annoyances at this time of the year is keeping up with the timing of each item in the oven.  It is easy to lose track and to leave something in a little too long.  When this happens you want to grab it as quickly as possible.  Why is this always the time when you can’t remember where you put down the oven mitts?  If you were wearing an Oven Mitt Apron though, there would be no problem.

This apron will keep your fancy holiday clothes clean and also provide ever-accessible oven mitts.  The mitt portions dangle at the bottom of the apron so that they are available whenever you need them.  The apron also features two buttons on the front to hang kitchen tools or cloths that you need to keep extra handy.

Source: Uncommon Goods