Over The Rainbow: Ruby Slipper Socks Are Oz-Some

Winter is just around the corner and that can mean one harsh reality -- cold feet. With Ruby Slipper Socks you can keep your feet magically warm. This fun pair was created from the iconic images of a 16-year-old JudyRuby Slipper SocksRuby Slipper Socks Garland in her role as Dorothy in the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz." They are perfect for fans of the film that made Garland a star.

The machine-washable footwear is made of cotton, nylon, and Spandex, with a bit of rubber for a non-skid sole, are threaded with silver and red metallic filaments so that they really shine. The interior of the shoe part is a comfy terry cloth weave. One size fits most adult women.

They will be a warm companion as you watch television with your Toto, or so that you can ease on down the road, er, hallway to your favorite Wizard of Oz tunes. They are part fantasy and part practicality. This makes them a great gift for someone else or for yourself. I am thinking of wearing these while eating some Dunkin' Donuts' Munchkins. 

With your feet kept warm with these cool Ruby Slipper Socks you will really feel that there is no place like home. Start clicking those heels!

Source: Amazon, Foot Traffic

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