Overly Honest Or Overtly Sexist? Rear Window Sign Warns Of Woman Driver Behind The Wheel

If a bright yellow MINI sporting a “New Driver – Woman” sign isn't bad enough, the precisely lettered (and obviously not mass-produced) banner blocks a significant portion of the rear window. That alone makes one wonder about the driver's expressed concern for road safety.

As for the innovative (ahem) sign itself, it features a mere three Chinese characters with the first two, “xin shou” (literally “new hand”) often being used on New Driver stickers. For whatever reason, however, the author of THIS sign deemed it necessary to add the character “nu”, meaning “woman”. Nice.

The ever-alert Tycho de Feijter of CarNewsChina found himself in the right place (the Fifth Ring Road in Beijing, China) at the right time when he noted and photo-documented the MINI's eyebrow-raising banner. According to de Feijter, he “ended up alongside to the right, finding a smiling man on the passenger seat and a visible nervous female behind the wheel.” Consider it a prime example of truth in advertising, Chinese-style.

Anyone tempted to shrug off the MINI's sexist sign as an isolated case of overt sexism, note the similar sign in the above photo. At least this one's pasted where it won't block the driver's view out the back window. Even so, another bit of automotive wit & wisdom would seem to apply: If you're close enough to read this sign, you're too close for comfort.