OWOW, Writing Hit Songs Just Got Easier

Pieter-Jan Pieters can’t read a sheet of music for the life of him and yet he is widely praised as an accomplished digital musician.

While he couldn’t get accepted into a music academy, the inventor from Eindhoven, Netherlands, has instead found another way to discover his pursuit of happiness.

You see, Pieters has invented a new breed of musical instruments that are unique on every level. Called OWOW, his creation means you can make music in a cool way at home, in the studio, or live on stage.

And Pieters has made his instruments affordable so everyone - musically inclined or not – has the opportunity to become composers in their own right.

“When I used to go to the music store, everything was too expensive, and this frustrated me a lot,” says Pieters.

“Working on our own instruments, we only wanted to use high quality materials, like aluminum cases, durable components, but soon realized the casing, packaging, and extras doubled the product in price. So instead of using cheaper materials, we stripped it down to its core, creating two versions in order to offer the same tools to the young guys as well as the pros. Also, working closely with touring artists, it gives them the ability to pack a lot of instruments in a small case if they work on the road.”

There two versions that come in different finishes: one has a futuristic 3D printed aluminum case, and the other, which is way cheaper in price, is a bare circuit board. Both are cutting-edge and allows music lovers to lay down some groovy tracks.

OWOW, There’s Five Instruments

Pieters, along with his team of techie-digital-wizards, have actually made five OWOW instruments.

There is the Wob which creates funky sounds through hand waving movement, and the Wiggle allows you to produce neat sounds by rotating your hand around its axes.

Are there any air drummers left out there? If so you will enjoy the Drum as you get to control drum sounds and beats by simply hitting the air with your hands. Then there is the Pad where you click on its buttons to make drum sounds. The Scan instrument releases neat techno-like-sounds when you move it across a line or dotted line drawn on a piece of paper.

“Most of digital music instruments nowadays are a digital version of the acoustic ones,” says Pieters.

“In the digital field, we don't have to follow these rules anymore. I wanted to start over and create instruments that don't have direct relations to the traditional ones but are intuitive to play and created specifically to play on the computer,” he adds.

All five instruments connect with any software programs, tablets or other devices, and the good news is that you don’t need any drivers.

The bare circuit board version is priced at $55.00 (USD), and the aluminum 3D printed case will run you $150.00. Of course there are a variety of packages you can order.

Music For The Future

Music junkies now get to create digital music through the use of a computer. Each instrument allows one to express their creative side, while not having to worry about the technical stuff. That’s right, no sheet music required. Turn on your instruments and get jamming.

“We just wanted to create fun stuff for ourselves to play and experiment with,” explains Pieters. “Because we got so much good feedback from artists we admired and requests for our instruments, we decided to bring it to market.”

So, will OWOW be a ‘hit’ and allow people to create some ‘top-of-the-pops-hits’? Of course, there’s no doubt that music lovers – amateur and professionals – will flock to these instruments and use them in the studio or on the road, or at the local pub on Open Mike Night.

“Many music producers make their sounds with just a mouse and keyboard,” writes Pieters on his Kickstarter page.

“We believe music shouldn't be like programming code, so we made instruments that allow you to play your music instead of coding it. We bring back that unique human touch.”