Pacif-i Keeps Tabs On Your Baby's Health And Location


I don’t know about your kids, but mine were practically addicted to their pacifiers from birth until about age 2. You cannot imagine the chaos that ensued whenever those things went missing. It was like the whole world was coming to an end. No one slept, no one ate, and no one relaxed until at least one of those little suckers was found. Crazy, I know, but true! If only we had had the Pacif-i.

To look at the Pacif-i by Blue Maestro, you wouldn’t likely suspect that it’s any different than any other baby pacifier. However, this is no run-of-the-mill paci. The Pacif-i interacts with your iOS, Android smartphone or tablet and can send information about baby’s temperature and location. Parents also have the option to set an alarm that will sound if baby wanders more than a certain distance away. In addition, the Pacif-i has a buzzer feature that can be activated from your phone when the pacifier is missing.



So, not only can you monitor your child’s health, but you can keep track of your tot's location (provided he/she takes the paci along) and you can also find the darn thing if your precious little decides to stash it in a secret hideaway. If you are the proud parent of multiples, you can even track more than one baby at a time on the same display. Another plus is that the Pacif-i uses a low-energy Bluetooth Smart chip that is said to last a year or more. The product is not available yet but you can pre-order it at Blue Maestro.

 Source: Blue Maestro