Pack More And Still Have A Full Camping Set With Sea To Summit Kitchen Camping Gear

When you're planning a camping trip, you have to conserve space in your pack. The people at Sea to Summit, campers themselves, recognize this and have designed camp kitchen products that collapse and will save you space when packing your gear. Check out their kettle, pot, bowl and cup and kitchen set below.

Camping With The Sea To Summit Kitchen SetCamping With The Sea To Summit Kitchen Set


The X-Kettle, from Sea to Summit, is a great addition to your camping gear.  With it's wide base, it absorbs a good deal of heat, while protecting its silicone walls. It is equipped with two glass-reinforced Nylon 66 handles that allow you to pour boiling water with control.

When collapsed, it is only 1 3/8 inches tall--great for fitting into your pack. When at full size, it can safely boil one liter of water--perfect for coffee, tea or a warm meal. And the mouth of the kettle is wide enough so that you can stir whatever you put inside. 

You can pick up one of these little space savers on the Sea to Summit site or on Amazon.


X-Mug & X-Bowl

The X-Mug & X-Bowl are another great camping accessory from Sea to Summit. Like the X-Kettle, they are collapsible, so they fit into your backpack quite easily. The X-Bowl can hold 22 fluid ounces and can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

The X-Mug has a Nylon ring at the top, which helps it maintain its shape when at full size. It can hold up to 16 fluid ounces, and when collapsed, it can nestle neatly into the X-Bowl. You can even get these two as a set on Amazon

X-Bowl And CupX-Bowl And Cup


Yet another collabsible product from Sea to Summit, the X-Pot is lightweight and durable with a anodized aluminum base. The X-Pot comes in three sizes and comes with a durable, translucent lid. The lid also has an integrated strainer, which allows you to boil noodles and then strain them without needing more kitchen gear.

Of course, the X-Pot collapses, like the other Sea to Summit kitchen products. Collapsed, it can also fit inside it the X-Bowls and X-Mugs, so that you will save even more space if you get the whole set. Like the other kitchen gear, you can find the X-Pot on Amazon



Speaking of kitchen sets, Sea to Summit offers multiple X-camp kitchen ware in a set, called the X-Set. The X-Set comes with an X-Pot, X-Kettle and X-Pan. Since I've already touched on the X-Pot and X-Kettle, I'll tell you a little about the X-Pan. 

The X-Pan fits nicely into the nesting system that Sea to Summit designed with its series of kitchen ware. It is an 8 inch pan that is very light, yet incredibly durable. It is made of series 5 aluminum, with stainless steel handles that can be folded out when in use or tucked in to be stowed. 


Amazon also features a number of other combinations of Sea to Summit camp kitchen gear. There is Set 11 (the X-Kettle, X-Mug and X-Bowl), Set 21 (X-Pot, X-Bowl and X-Mug), and just about any other combination of X-gear. Whatever combination, you go for, I'm sure you'll find that not only is the camp kitchen gear from Sea to Summit durable and efficent, it will save you a ton of space in your backpack. 


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