Pac-Man Wants To Hold Your Hot Pans!

I cook-a lot.  My ex-life as a chef has left me as a glorified foodie.  And I'm always looking for new gadgets for the kitchen.

It's always cool to me if a gadget not only functions properly, but also looks unique.  And this would be one of those gadgets:

The Pac-Man Pot HolderThe Pac-Man Pot Holder

Yep.  That's Pac-Man.

Now that he's done running amok throughout his little mazes, eating himself silly on little white dots and (with luck) chasing ghosts around, Pac-Man has relegated himself to kitchen duty.

"Wahkah-wahkah-OW!  Damn!  That's hot!  What the hell!?  Put me down!""Wahkah-wahkah-OW! Damn! That's hot! What the hell!? Put me down!"

The little yellow guy is made of 100% food-safe silicon rubber.  While he might not look so tough, he can handle up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit!  In my book, that's one tough little bastard.  He could take on Donkey Kong, Star Castle, and Galaga all at the same time!

Seriously, the design makes sense.  Though it's based on a retro video game star, the cup-like nature makes for a perfect grabbing tool in the kitchen.

Is it as good as the Ove-Glove?  Not in my book.  But is it cool and functional?  Hell yeah!

Let Pac-Man grab your food at Think Geek or Amazon.

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