Pac-Man Zippo Lighters Put Arcade Fire In Your Pocket


Pac-Man is celebrating its 30th anniversary next year and Japan's Banpresto wants to light a fire under the fanfare - with a new series of Pac-Man themed Zippo lighters!

One wonders if a couple of Banpresto engineers were listening to Arcade Fire while playing Pac-Man all night, then in a flash of inspiration (or during a cigarette break) came up with the idea for these uber-cool Pac-Man Zippo lighters. Well, one can wonder but the fact is, these lighters are on their way to Japanese store shelves and will arrive in late November - just in time for holiday shoppers to snap 'em up and shortly thereafter, snap 'em open..

The lighters come in a trio of designs: Game, Dot Pac-Man and Dot Ghost. Flip up the cap and the familiar perforated-metal and flint wheel Zippo architecture is revealed. Even if you don't smoke, these lighters are useful if only for their ability to bestow true geek coolness upon the owner. Game over. (via Geekologie and Akihabara News)

Sep 26, 2009
by Anonymous

it's not a Zi[ppo. Zippo is

it's not a Zi[ppo. Zippo is a brand not a style of lighter. A real collector would know that. It is a cool lighter though

Oct 2, 2009
by Anonymous


Where'd you buy this?