Is Your Job A Pain In The Neck? The Necprotech

All occupations can sometimes be a pain in the neck, but there are some -- like house painting, window cleaning, fruit picking, and automobile repair -- that literally leave their practitioners with a pain in the neck from looking up most of their days.  This pain can be so severe as to be a safety concern, as the inventor of the Necprotech knows very well.

New Zealander Darrell Poole nearly lost his life while rock climbing with a buddy, his "belayer," who lost control of Poole's rope when he looked away, because his neck was sore from looking up too long.  Poole, who had climbed up the side of a cliff about 33 feet, sunk about 12 feet down before the belayer got control of the rope.  

It was that near-death experience that made Poole an inventor.  After searching everywhere for a suitable neck device, he finally decided to make one himself out of plastic and foam in his kitchen oven.  It worked well, and his buddies were impressed; they all wanted one.

The Necprotech has taken several years for Poole and his business partner, Nigel King, to develop commercially, but the comfortable neck rest that Poole invented has taken off in his homeland as well as in Great Britain and Europe -- not only among rock climbers but among the professions where pains in the neck are truly occupational hazards.




Necprotech is an adjustable device that gently cradles the head at various levels and angles, displacing the weight of the head from the neck muscles and spine onto the head rest.  The rigid device is strapped to the body like a backpack. 



In 2008, the Necprotech won the Professional Builder's Innovation of the Year award and just recently, it took second place in the 2009 British Safety Industry Awards.  Necprotech is available in New Zealand, Britain, and Europe right now, but it can be ordered from one of the suppliers or email the company at  (Necprotech is looking for distributors in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.)


Necprotech via Scoop