Pain Patch For Horses, Dogs, And Cats: HealFast™

Photo credit: HealFastPhoto credit: HealFast If you've ever had to give your dog, cat or horse pain medicine, you don't want to keep them in the resulting state of mind and body very long. As alternative medicine for humans, the PEMF, Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field, is a non-drug treatment that has been used to treat pain by alternative medicine specialists with reported success.

PEMF equipment is large, cumbersome, and expensive. It is not easily accessible by an animal, and treatment usually requires several visits. But BioElectronics Corporation has developed a use-at-home electro-magnetic field within a patch, called HealFastTM. The patch provides therapy for pain and/or swelling between visits to the veterinarian.

There are two types of HealFast patches available: One is a post-operative patch, designed to reduce pain and swelling after surgery and help wounds to heal. The other version, more for chronic soft tissue pain, enables the pet owner to turn the patch on and off, depending on when pain relief is needed.

Van E. Snow, D.V.M. of Equine Veterinary Asociates, has been testing the patch, successfully. "I have found the patch to reduce pain and inflammation which therefore promotes a healthier environment for healing to take place. The patch is more user friendly than other pulsed electromagnetic field modalities that are available today."

Photo credit: HealFastPhoto credit: HealFastFor dogs and cats, HealFast makes a special pain relief patch that you can place directly over a sore area without it adhering to their fur.

The HealFast website provides good information on the treatments available through patches. If and when your cat, dog, or horse is in need of pain relief, you may want to ask your veterinarian about HealFast. Maybe pain drugs should be your pet's last resort.



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