Paint Tube Doorstop Adds Color & Humor To Any Room

Doorstops are perhaps the ultimate expression of Form Follows Function - a generic wedge that does its job, no more and no less. Why be satisfied with that? Even a humble doorstop can add life, humor and a dash of pizzazz to any home decor scheme if it's designed with those benchmarks in mind.

Tokyu Hands, Japan's department store headquarters for all things cute, kitschy and cool, is offering these dynamic doorstops designed to imitate the look of artist's acrylic paint tubes.

The wedge shape of these tubes makes them ideal as doorstops, and unlike actual paint tubes they won't spray the room with a blast of color if someone opens the door unexpectedly.

Made in Japan from grippy silicone rubber, weighing 85 grams (just over 3 oz.) and priced at 630 yen (about $6.50), these +d brand doorstops come in a wide range of vibrant colors to add a bold note of fashionable coolness.

Tokyo Hands and +d also offer doorstops shaped like orange traffic cones and bright yellow banana peels. As a design statement, they're a grand slam!

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