Painting a Song with Labuat

Labuat's site for her new single, "Soy Tu Aire" ("I'm Your Air") is a truly unique experience in which the user moves their mouse to the sound of the music, creating an interactive music video.  When you first come to Labuat's site, you are greeted with this quote (loosely translated using Google Language Tools) while the site's graphical interface loads:

"'I'm Your Air' is a song filled with many small orchestral threads and voices, half-truths and lies and ups and downs as we wanted to give something that they could move with the song.  A brush.  I am here because your air is painted in the air.  Move where you want to bring the song.  We end up with your own work, that you may want to see in video."

Isn't that intriguing?  It's a very cool concept, and when you use the site, you'll be impressed with house smoothly the whole graphical content comes off.  As you make fun and free strokes with your "brush", the resulting patterns are accented by pretty abstract or silouetted images that seem to burst out along to the music.

Labuat is an upcoming Latin artist hailing from Spain that is currently enjoying some success in the UK, which is probably a good part of what this site is aimed to promote.   She's known for this type of abstract, yet romantically engaging, type of imagery.  Now, her innovation on the web is getting her noticed here at InventorSpot!  Maybe we'll see Labuat come to the U.S. soon, but until then, we'll have to kill a few minutes this afternoon playing with her website.

(Update; This site is no longer available on the web.)

Apr 3, 2009
by Anonymous


It's very beautiful!