Pajamas Aren’t Just Against The Laws Of Public Fashion Anymore: UK Store Bans Toting PJs!

In the wake of discovering jean pajamas that make sleepwear comfortable and acceptable for Pajamas Banned in PublicPajamas Banned in Publicpublic outings, and interesting bit of news popped up that's about to encourage consumers to start shopping for pajamas that are in disguise!

It might be a big fashion faux pas and defy the laws of fashion to leave the house in your pajamas, at least if you're heading farther than your front porch to get the morning newspaper. But, until now it's never been a real enforced policy. British grocery store Tesco not only has the policy of "no shirt, no shoes, no service" it also refuses entry to anyone sporting their PJs.

Whether it's about fashion, or something entirely different we'll never know. If you're British, shop at Tesco and desire to wear your PJs, you'd better get some jean PJs or other sneaky varieties.

Via: BBC News