Palcohol: Powdered Alcohol Revolutionizes The Booze Business

Alcohol comes in many forms - wine, beer, liquor, and so on - all of which share one major characteristic in common. The fact that they are liquid. You can mix them, blend them, and shake them, but their original form still remains true to that descriptor. But, your mind will be blown to hear that alcohol may be liquid-only no longer; at least not if one innovative booze business has its way.

Palcohol is the boozy business that has developed a whole new liquor concept. The "P" in their name gives you a hint to exactly what unique form their product comes in. Move over Skinny Girl Corporation - formerly dubbed by the media as the most innovative liquor concept for their tasty low-cal concoctions - the new guy in the biz taking the title makes powdered alcohol.

While their website is lackluster, their product certainly isn't. Palcohol actually takes a popular trend in beverage consumption and transforms it into something much cooler. Water enhancing powders have been popular for a number of years; but never before have they contained alcohol. 

Founder Mark PhillipsFounder Mark Phillips

Founder Mark Phillips came up with the concept for the convenience of transporting alcohol while engaging in activities like camping, hiking, and biking. Recognizing that having an adult beverage is a nice way to cap off one of these leisure activities, his goal was to create a form that wouldn't be burdensome to transport. Presumably, the risk of spilling was probably a factor since his concept addresses that as well. After all, crying over spilled milk might be taboo, but I think we can all agree that shedding a few tears over a wasted glass of wine is a little more acceptable.  Powdered alcohol, unlike liquid, is light, compact, and much harder to lose tragically when in a sealed package.

Palcohol simply needs to be added to water, and comes in a number of varieties including V (Vodka), R (Puerto Rican Rum), Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita (Margarita), and Lemon Drop. When mixed with 5-ounces of water, one package of Palcohol creates a mixed drink with an alcohol content of about 10% to 12% (the equivalent of a standard mixed drink with an ounce of alcohol). According to the Palcohol website, it can also be added to food.

Palcohol LogoPalcohol Logo

This product has not been devoid of controversy, as already reports are circulating with concerns about illegal and inappropriate use. As a powdered substance, this product could be snorted. And, the fact that it is easy to transport makes it a great choice for those (underage or otherwise) looking to sneak booze into places where it is banned, such as music festivals.  Palcohol has addressed these issues by stating that their concern is to promote responsible and legal use of the product.

Currently, Palcohol is awaiting approval from The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) in the US, so it can enter the market.  They were previously approved, but since surrendered the labels and need re-approval due to an apparent discrepancy with fill levels. Provided this issue doesn't cause a major delay, as Palcohol previously reported, they hope to have their product available in the fall.

Regardless of your stance on whether powdered alcohol is a good idea or not, there's no denying that this is one of the most innovative concepts to hit the liquor industry.

Via: IFL Science

(Margarita image via: Flickr Creative Commons)