Paleo Barefoots Are True Minimalist Shoes

Paleo BarefootsPaleo Barefoots

How would you like chain mail for your feet? To be able to experience the pleasures of running through nature barefoot, without running the risk of cuts and scrapes on your feet? That's what the Paleo Barefoots minimalist shoes promise--"to be close to nature is the truest sense of the word."

Paleo Barefoots Minimalist ShoesPaleo Barefoots Minimalist Shoes

Made of stainless steel, the Paleo Barefoots don't promise support and comfort. They don't promise to keep your feet dry or warm. The point in wearing these minimalist shoes is to experience and get close to nature. They promise a maximum barefoot feeling. 

With Paleo Barefoots you can run barefoot in places you wouldn't normally tread. You can get mud between your toes without cutting your feet on rocks, and they have unbelievable traction. The Paleo Barefoots will also last you a lifetime, and they should be at around $215-240. You can find out more about the Paleo Barefoots on their site