Palmer Johnson Calls In Rolls-Royce to Help Design New World Yacht

Yachts are all about luxury, providing all the creature comforts of home while also offering breathtaking views and unsurpassed freedom. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise that when designing what could be the most impressive Yacht ever built, Palmer Johnson called in Roll-Royce to help bring the final design together.

The Palmer Johnson World Yacht comes as a result of the recent acquisition of Flekkefjord and Slipp, a Norwegian shipbuilder that specializes in research and exploration vessels. The knowledge they brought to the company allowed Palmer Johnson to construct this 270 foot long Mega Yacht that is ready for anything you can throw at it.

The World Yacht is designed to travel pretty much anywhere you would ever want to visit. An on deck helipad ensures you are able to come and go as you please and also has a built in elevator to keep your helicopter out of the elements. If air travel isn't exactly your style, the yacht also has a submarine garage.

Inside, every available inch has been used to create an ocean going mansion. A full gym has made its way aboard as well as a swimming pool, a spa and a home theater system. The 3-deck master stateroom, which includes an audio and video system that would rival some movie theaters, completes the experience.

An eco-friendly diesel electric propulsion system pushes you across the waves while also making sure the scenery will be there for others to enjoy.

Like many recently unveiled seagoing vessels, this is also a concept and may or may not see production.

Palmer Johnson