Panasonic Displays the World's Largest Plasma HDTV at CES – 150 inches!

Forget about nanotechnology; when it comes to making TV's bigger is better! Panasonic displayed the world's largest Plasma HDTV at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) yesterday, and it has proved to be a big hit.

Panasonic Life Screen is about 11ft. by 6ft.Panasonic Life Screen is about 11ft. by 6ft.

This new concept design from Panasonic is called the "Life Screen", and for good reason, the objects on-screen are life-size. This plasma TV has the equivalent resolution of 4 1080p HDTV's. The total resolution of the Life Screen is 4,096 by 2,160 pixels, which gives this TV a diagonal screen size of 150 inches (12 ft. 6 inches), and it's 11 feet wide!

Maybe the most impressive feature of this 150 inch behemoth is the fact that it's only about 1 inch thick. Yeah, you will need to clear out about 66 square feet of wall space to mount it, but at least it will only stick out about 1 inch from the wall!

No word yet on pricing yet, but the Dvice blog reports that HDTV concepts, such as this one, typically sell for about $1,000 per inch. That would put the price of the Life Screen somewhere around $150,000.

Don't expect to see the Panasonic Life Screen on store shelves anytime soon (as if it would fit). This HDTV is just a concept design, and probably won't be available for at least a year or two. I would expect, though, to see this gigantic plasma TV in an episode of MTV's "Cribs" sometime in the next couple of years!

Sources: Dvice, Panasonic

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Jan 29, 2008
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