Panasonic Emergency Flashlight Runs On Batteries Of Any Size

With the BF-BM10 mix & match battery-powered emergency flashlight, Japan's Panasonic has taken an innovative approach to an all-too-common problem: having exactly the right size and number of batteries on hand to power your flashlight. Got one of these and one of those? Pop 'em in the “Any Battery Light” and let it shine!

Inspired by the massive spike in demand for flashlights immediately following the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami of March 11th, 2011, Panasonic got to work refining the concept of a mixed-battery flashlight that can run on as little as a single AAA battery.

One key to the design is the use of an LED bulb that will light up even on an AAA battery's meager power. Load up the Any Battery Flashlight with batteries sized from AAA through D and your visibility options just, well, got a lot brighter.

Simply by revolving the lamp end of the flashlight, the user can switch from one battery to another with up to an estimated 86 hours of continuous light as the result. Expected to hit store shelves and online websites on January 25th of 2013, the red or white model BF-BM10 “Any Battery Light” will carry and estimated sticker price of around 2,000 yen (about $24) each, not bad for an essential appliance employing such innovative technology! (via Japan Today, Rocketnews24, and Sankei Biz)

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