PancakeBot Prints Pancakes In Any Shape You Want

Who doesn’t love pancakes? They’re fluffy, sweet and just plain delicious. Pancakes that come in fun shapes are even better, but who has the time and artistry to make those? As it turns out, you no longer have to be a pancake artisan to flip fancy flapjacks, you just have to own a PancakeBot.




The PancakeBot is a pancake printer of sorts; it even sort of resembles a computer printer. The sky’s the limit with this hotcake hotshot. The PancakeBot’s SD card can be loaded with whatever designs you want. The included software allows you to create your own designs or you can browse through the online designs.



Once a design is loaded, PancakeBot will dispense batter directly onto the griddle in your preferred shape. Imagine the possibilities. In fact, if you keep it hidden away in the kitchen you can really impress your friends. The PancakeBot doesn’t come cheap though. It’s currently priced at $299.99, but who can put a price on amazing pancakes? To find out what others think of the PancakeBot or to pick one up, click here



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