Pandora Box Unleashes Modern Furniture

For today's installment of the latest in innovative home design, here we find Pandora Box, a literal box full of -- no, not all the evils of the world-- but contemporary living room furniture. Ah, breathe a sigh of relief!

Despite its foreboding name, Pandora Box is really quite benign.  And handy at that. Designer Imran Othman has created an entire set of space saving furniture for the living room that can be folded into itself and hid in a sleek and unassuming box.  


Made mostly of glossy polypropelene and polyurethane foam, this slick container secretly houses a sofa, two side chairs, a coffee table and even a frosted glass lamp.  

And aside from a space saving and modern design, Pandora Box even purports magnetic healing properties, via the magnetic and steel connectors which hold the pieces together.  Now that's magic.   

 Imran Othman via Hometone