Panfold Is The Foldable Camping Pan With Adjustable Legs

Panfold Camping PanPanfold Camping Pan

If you enjoy camping and hiking, then you know that it's tough sometimes to consolidate your necessities and amenities into a single bag. You probably have some gear that changes shape to be stowed easier or has a few different uses. The Panfold Camping Pan is one of those tools. It can be folded to make stowing and transporting easier.

Panfold is only in its conceptual stage now. Hakan Gursu, of Designnobis, is the award-winning designer of Panfold. Last year, he won the International Association of Designers award for Designer of the Year, and Panfold was also honored with a design award--an A' Design Award in the category of Cookware Design.

Panfold Can Handle A Baking PanPanfold Can Handle A Baking Pan

Foldable Camping PanFoldable Camping Pan

Panfold is a simple design featuring an aluminum body with foldable legs, a locking ring to lock it into place, a foldable wooden handle and an aluminum pot. It looks like the offspring of a claw and a cooking eye on a stove. The height of the pan can be adjusted with a butterfly screw to make cooking with different heat sources more convenient--Panfold can be used with a wood fire or a gel fire.

You can expand Panfold's legs so that it holds a baking pan, and with the foldable wooden arm, you won't need an oven mitt to move the pan. If you're cooking with a smaller pot, just fold in the legs. Panfold also can be used with a gel fire, which pretty much means that it doubles as a food warmer.

Panfold Doubles As A Food WarmerPanfold Doubles As A Food Warmer

The features and benefits of Panfold are pretty cut-and-dry. It's nothing too special, but the simple design could save a headache or two for campers. It will save them space in their backpack, and the foldable wooden handle, which makes it easier to move, could save them a burned hand.

Where can you buy the Panfold? Unfortunately, the Panfold isn't yet on the market, and there aren't really any substitutes out there at the moment either. Perhaps you'll see one at an outdoor sporting goods shop in the future, and perhaps it could be the catalyst for a whole line of foldable cookware.  

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